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As we get busy with our day-to-day life, we always look for an outlet for the stress and a means to divert our minds. Out of all the activities and options, sports have always emerged as a favorite. But with the plethora of digital options nowadays, most of us are giving it a miss and are hooked on to our devices for a long time. Indoors have taken a precedence over outdoors. We tend to overlook the benefits that sports and other outdoor activities have on our body and mind. Also, there is a lot of importance of sports in education as well. It teaches dedication, concentration, discipline, and responsibility to children and adults both. It also teaches them many relevant lessons. Holistic development of an individual is possible only when a balance is achieved between emotional and physical development. This is very beautifully achieved through sports. In schools also, a lot of emphases is given to sports and games considering the effect that it has on children. Taking an active part in sports activities reduces stress in kids and also enhances their mood. It also leads to the development of bones and muscles and increases overall fitness. It also lowers the risk of getting obese.


Here are some great reasons to indulge in sports activities:



FITNESS - Playing sports can transform you into an active and fit individual. It also contributes heavily to lowering down the obesity levels.  Being in active sports also help you burn those extra calories and lose weight. There is scientific evidence to prove that maintaining an active lifestyle leads to a lower risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Regular exercise through sports can contribute to better heart and lung function. Indulging in sports as a child can have a lasting impact on adulthood too.



STRESS RELIEF – It is said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Thus, sports facilitate the soothing of your mind as well as the maintenance of an active body. When you are involved in a sport your body releases the feel-good-hormones called endorphins which help in the relaxation of mind too.



BUILDING CHARACTER – Any sort of sports offers great opportunity to learn a number of values. It teaches teamwork, fair play, and honesty as important aesthetics. While one indulges in a sport, it becomes important to know that following rules is an important aspect of any team play and we should also learn to respect our opponents. Whether you win or lose, you should learn to accept both the situations gracefully. It also teaches leadership qualities when you are in the role of a leader of the team. Also, being involved in competitive sports one learns the qualities of self-respect, confidence and managing stress. It also imbibes values or camaraderie and sportsmanship.



SKILL DEVELOPMENT – When you get into a sport at an early age, there is a lot of possibilities that you end up learning it completely. You also develop a strong interest in that sport and may also end up taking it professionally. People also respect those who are thorough in any field and sports is no exception.




SOCIALIZATION – There have been reports which suggest that children who take up sports are less likely to take drugs and smoke. It also enables them to develop healthy relationships based on safe and enjoyable activities. Similarly, adults who take up sports also get a chance to foster friendships which are centered around an active lifestyle. Team practices are also a great way to indulge in some healthy socializing


Therefore, the importance of sports in an individual’s life, be it a child or an adult, is immense. They are an excellent way to provide an outlet to the physical energy which is in abundance in a growing kid. It also teaches children to be unselfish and play for the team as a whole. It teaches kids to handle failures gracefully and builds self-confidence and trust.


We must also appreciate the role of sports in bringing people together. Whenever there is a telecast of a cricket or football or hockey or any other match, the whole nation supports the teams without any cultural or religious barriers. So, without a doubt, sports have innumerable benefits for people of any age group.


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