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Just a few more weeks to go and ah! We welcome summers in India. It can be a long and dreary time period for many but at the same time fun and learning time for school children, youngsters and mothers too. Let me take you through all those options of activities that will not just make your summers exciting but full of vigor too!

I always spent my Indian summers relishing juicy mangoes and listening to some great music alongside. But, I never forgot that there are lots of mango recipes also that could be learned in a cooking or recipe class during the summer break. Having a deep interest in music, I also made sure to join extra sessions for Hindustani classical music classes around my town. You too can make the best out of your summer break by joining some workshops or classes in your cities and towns. Browse through Bookmyactivity to land up on your favorite classes in your town.

Swimming: Swimming can be a very refreshing activity to pursue during summers. You not just learn a new skill but also remain fit with it. All you need is to hunt for a good swimming class nearby, enroll in it and start learning. But make sure, the place you choose is hygienic in terms of regular pool cleaning and upkeep and also not too heavy on your pocket.

Drawing and Craft: This has been the favorite summertime pass for many school kids and even young mothers. You can start learning to draw, paint or even learn a craft from a class in your neighborhood. Such classes have beginner and expert courses too to suit your needs.

Learning a new language: It is often said that the conquest of learning is achieved through the knowledge of languages. What better than learning a new language this summer? Choose a language class nearby and make regular notes side by side to even revise at home. I am sure it is going to be great fun!

Dance, Drama or Music classes: This is one of those activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. You can look for a music class that teaches classical music or you can learn to play a new instrument. Learning drama may also interest you if you are keen to pursue acting in the future. You can even hire a tutor for the same at home.  

Karate and Judo: This art is nowadays taught in schools too but just in case your child is deeply interested to learn it in a detailed way by joining an extra class nearby, let him do so. Arts like these take a long time to get perfect into and it is an ongoing process. So, choose a coach who cannot just teach you this skill but also can be a mentor for life.  

Outdoor sports: Under outdoor sports category, many options are available. Badminton, Volleyball, basketball, baseball, Cricket etc could be your choice. There are big academies nowadays that take a onetime fee and prepare you for the sport thoroughly. You can also seek a class near your home and inquire about the outdoor sports being taught there.  

Cooking classes and workshops: Let the chef in you come out this summers. You or your child may have been fascinated about learning cuisines from different parts of the world but hardly got time. So, summer break is the perfect time to try hands on those cooking and cutlery skills. Learning to cook always requires passion and this definitely makes children self-dependent from a young age.

Gardening: Nowadays, gardening is not limited to maintaining your own space in the backyard but there is more to it. There are numerous gardening workshops that teach you different aspects related to it like gardening for beginners, water-wise gardening, how to make a water sensitive garden, tips on small space vegetable gardening, organic gardening, No-dig gardening, how to prepare pest free veggie gardens and much more. As you enter into the summer season, quickly enroll into one such beautiful workshop and learn the breath-taking art of gardening.

Summer camps: Summer camp can be a fantastic option to kick start your summer break. Summer camps involve lots of activities for kids and elders too. You can also enjoy trekking there. If you are keenly interested in some outdoor adventure, then joining a summer camp can be your thing! Few camps stretch for a period of 15 days whereas there are shorter options available too. You can enjoy the company of Mother Nature and also learn a lot of new skills.

Photography: Just holding the camera and trying hands on the lenses and different angles will not make you a pro at it. This art has to be learned. Joining a photography workshop will help you in many ways. You will get to know the new techniques of this field and also post-production and getting into photography business. You will also be taken for photography tours to learn about the skill in a better way.

Fitness and health: Joining a gymnasium or a Yoga class or a meditation class can be the right choice to do an activity early in the morning hours. Fitness is an essential part of our lives and what better than joining a regular fitness class. Depending upon your choice and preferences, you can either go to a gymnasium or a yoga and meditation class. For physical fitness, you will have to join a yoga class but for mental peace and strength choosing a yoga or meditation session will be the correct choice like Sahaja Yoga which is practiced in over 95 countries across the globe and has several centers in different cities.

Learn to drive: Somedays, the best therapy can be just a long drive and music. But for that drive, you will have to practice the art of driving. Start your driving classes today so that you do not miss out on all the fun with friends and family. Eating Icecream with your loved ones and a drive can be the perfect night out an idea for summers. Choose a perfect driving school nearby and take lessons. Make sure you do not hush up with the sessions and even show interest in the theory class.

Personality development courses: There are skills that are of utmost importance in your life. To learn these skills means improving your overall personality. A lot of personality development classes can teach you skills like self-confidence, anger management, Body language, communication skills, problem-solving training, enhancing creativity at the workplace and much more. The course length could be starting from 1 day to a month or maybe 6 months. Lots of offers are also available on group bookings. Browse through Bookmyactivity to hunt for your favorite personality development class nearby.

Competitive exams: This can be the last choice for many but indeed a very important one. No one wants to spend their summer break studying but summers can be the perfect time to prepare you for competitive exams. During the regular school, college days, students are never able to manage time for such preparations. During summer breaks, you can relax at home and search for classes that prepare students for competitive exams like IIT-JEE, UPSC, GATE, CET, NDA etc. Choose the right class that has qualified teachers too. Read the course content offered thoroughly before joining any class. To crack the competitive exams, a right coaching class can be the key.  

About the Author:

Ekta Sharma is a seasoned Media professional from India. A Radio Artist, Writer, Singer, Journalist. All rolled into one! She loves Pani Puri, long drives and Ghazals. She is here to write on some really interesting topics starting from entrepreneurship to photography to beauty, cooking, Music and much more.  


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