Top Courses To Become A Successful Interior Designer

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Being an Interior Designer requires much more than just being passionate about designing your own or your neighbour’s house. Studying these courses will not just make you know in detail about the different aspects of interior designing but will help you in the professional front too. You will have to understand that there is a clear difference between a designer and decorator. Know more!

Preparing for Interior Designing

If you’re interested in becoming an Interior Designer, start observing everything around you. The surroundings will definitely give you a better sense of design and style. As an Interior Designer, you will have to make the homes beautiful and also aesthetically correct. If you have a low interest in learning about computer skills, you might be wrong. As an Interior Designer, you will have to use your fingers both on the keyboard and on the pencil. Perfect yourself with AutoCAD and Photoshop. A professionally ready Interior Designer will need to have enough knowledge on these programmes. Once you are done with the required courses, you can either work with a known name in the industry or you can choose to start off your own business.

Make a collection of work

Always keep a record of the work you do as a trainee or as a full-fledged Interior Designer. Make a folder that has all your work details. Even the designs or your samples can solve the purpose. Make a portfolio will always keep you job ready. Whenever there is any job call, you can just take that ready folder of your skill-set and rock the interview rounds. If you choose to start your own business, then also make a folder like this because that can be helpful to show off to your customers or the people you employ.

Courses required for becoming an Interior Designer

• BSc in Interior Design and Decoration

• Diploma in Interior Design

• Undergraduate Diploma in Interior Design

• Postgraduate Diploma in Interior Design

• Postgraduate Diploma in Interior and Spatial Design Traits of a typical Interior Designer

• Deep interest in designing of almost everything

• an eye for colour and styles • Complete computer skills

• Creative

• Competitive

• Multitasker

• Great communicator

Choices are vast

Being a very competitive sector, it brings along lots of challenges too. Make sure to finish off your professional certification or the college degree and gain relevant experience in the field. As an Interior Designer you can choose to design whatever you like. The possibility is endless. Apart from residential and shops designing, there are brilliant avenues in corporate and Healthcare designing too. You can also choose to design a complete chain of hotels or spa, Schools, colleges or even Industries.

Prepare yourself to do all of this

• Getting new clients and projects

• Purchase of required materials

• Preparation of sketches and plans and delivering it in time

• Understanding the customer completely about his choices and needs.

• Making the designs on the computer after finishing off with the pencil and paper work.

• Preparing people under you who will be able to learn the skill. May be as interns or trainees who then afterwards can be absorbed by the organisation depending upon their performance levels. 

• Keeping yourself fit and updated about the design industry

Freedom to work from Home

Freelancing is a fast growing trend and many people now prefer to be their own boss and work according to their terms and conditions from home too. An Interior Designer can also choose to set up an office at home and start the practice. You will have to check regarding the kinds of licences that may be required to start your work from your residence or any other rented place. Start building great contacts with people via groups, social media and also personal meetings. This way you can understand your potential clients and can serve them better. Always keep growing your skills as a designer. Talk to people whenever you get time and notice what they feel about the designing field and your work. In case you have gained a degree and started your own business but you feel to gain more certifications, go for it. Learning is an on-going process. Never stop yourself from learning anything new related to the industry. Many training institutes teach the professionals in the field about changes in the industry and how they can keep themselves updated. Choose such courses to up your skills at work.

The industry is growing by leaps and bounds

Many past reports and recent ones have shown the tremendous growth of this industry. The global Interior Design Market is expanding and will have more jobs to offer in the coming years. Such reports should also be studies by the people who have deep interest to take up a career as an Interior Designer. Many such reports tell a lot about Industry production, supply, sales, and the current scenario of the sector. Budding interior designers must learn, learn and learn more. There is no wrong or right. Putting up the right design at the right time is all that matters and when you work for clients, it’s his choice that matters the most. Not everyone likes black. So, many a time’s choosing white or grey may work too. Try out things. Remember your office table will always be loaded with designs and colour pens and pending works and a lot more but this is what the fun is all about. Keep innovating and you never know when you hit the right note. Keep working hard, make a great network of contacts and come up with new designs. There are a lot of paths and ways that you can choose from. Choose the best for yourself. It starts with doing the right course from the right college or university and then picking the right workplace to start your career as an Interior Designer. The sky is the limit in designing!

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