Unique Experience Of Motherhood

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#Mom#maa#amma#mumma#mom#mummy#ammi#mai........isn't this really,really wondering?? Crossing the boundaries of race,caste,creed,religion,countries and even the civilisation ,all the synonyms for "Mother" in this universe,incorporate an element of letter "M" in them! And yes,this relationship of "a mother and child" ,is definitely one of the most "Unique" kinds,with all the emotions packed together in this purest and a single relationship.The pain,the joy,the rejoice,the sorrow,the grief,the frustration,the joy of belonging and possessiveness and the fear of loosing... all packed together beautifully in one of the purest relationship in the universe. Being a "Maa" to two of my growing kids(one ready to step into teenage),and more so being a doctor,a gynaecologist(proffessionally), provides me with ample oppurtunity,day in and night out,to witness the beauty and the uniqueness of this relationship ,on an everyday basis.Yes,motherhood is definitely an unique experidnce and today,I will be sharing ,this "Unique journey of motherhood" from the perspective of a mother ,as well as a treating doctor, with all my lovely women folks ,out over there.So,let's begin.... 1.Pregnancy period- Ok,so you had been harbouring the notion,that this "Unique" journey of motherhood" ,begins the moment,you get your bundle of joy into your arms! No dearies,this unique experience of motherhood,begins the moment , "the new life" starts taking shape into your womb.Your feelings,your emotions,your behaviour,your moments of laughter,peace and happiness,your moments of grief,frustation and negativity,all are conveyed "very secretly" to this unique being ,taking shape into your womb.He will become a partner,to even the darkest of your secrets in the course of these nine months.So dear ladies,along with taking care of your physical health,diet,exercise,medications,investigations and your regular visits to your Gynaec,be vigilant of your thoughts,behaviour,emotions and actions and reactions throughout the course of nine months.Because there is "someone" out there ,who is keeping a very close eye on you ,for a period of these nine months,and every single emotion and action of yours is going to have an everlasting impact on his or her lifetime. So dearies ,be very very careful and take care of your mental and spiritual health,alongwith your physical health,during this time period of nine months of pregnancy.Listen to the best of music and talks,see the most beautiful of human beings,interact with the most intelligent and stable of minds around you,and do remember to visualise a beautiful human being,whom "you" are going to bring in this beautiful world... And then,finally the D-DAY,and after all the ups and down of nine months of pregnancy,after hours of labour pain(which actually seem like centuries,with each uterine contraction) ,your "bundle of joy"is finally here. 2. Neonatal period-Ohh,so this is the "unique gift pack",for which you and your life partner,and his family ,and then your family,and friends... and so the list goes on,hadc been nearly dying to meet ,since past so many months.The softest and the most innocent of all the creations in this universe,is finally here in your arms.His cute smile,mesmerising eyes,innocent expressions and the most unique smell,seem to have an almost intoxicating effect on you ,and you start loosing yourself in his "innocent" expressions. But just wait,wait,wait..and hold on.This "unique gift pack" ,with his constant shrieking voice,constant yells for feeds,and irregular bowel habits,will definitely force you to really introspect,your impression about "him or her".At times he might not pass stool for 2 weeks and at other times,you will be dealing with watery potty ,about 20-25 times in a day.Your life will be a mix of clothes dripping with breastfeeds,smelly diapers,constantly arranging for baby's clothes,his timely feeds,massages to strengthen him,washing the soiled clothes,pacifying him,listening to regular instructions from your own maa and maa-in-law,and on top of it also taking care of your own diet,body massages and medications at the same time.So all in all,this immediate post delivery period ,is going to leave you a bit lethargic and in want of sleep ,round the clock.But yes,do make it a point to be regular with his "exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months" and his massages.And yes,at the end of the day,when you look into his cute li"ll face, you are definitely going to be hypnotised and befooled ,once more. 3.Infancy- So after a period of say,one and a half to two months,post delivery,your life is a bit more stabilised,after this "new and unique"arrival in your life.You have adjusted to your baby's feed times and potty times,erratic sleeping hours ,and have more or less ,adjusted your own schedule ,according to his whims and fancies.And why not??After all,he has got the most loving expressions in his eyes ,all just for you.But slowly,your eyes also shift to your increased body weight,grown up tummy and then you have a close look at yourself in the mirror.And then ,you realise,that along with taking care of this new brought life,you should devote sometime to look after yourself ,to get back into shape. Infancy,is the period,when you have to be constantly watchful for your child as this is the period when he will learn to sit,stand and then will gradually start walking.This is also the time ,when you can't leave him unattended even for a single second,as there is a danger of his falling off,getting injured, getting drowned even in a bucket,choking himself even with a peanut or swallowing even the most weirdest of creatures ,like a lizard or even a snake.Yes,all these incidents do happen.So be watchful at all the times,Also you are supposed to shift from"exclusive breast feeds for 6 months" to top feeds ,semi solids and then solids.Gradually introduce all the home cooked,nutritious and bland food as per his liking.Continue with breastfeeding for say one and a half to two years,and do "NOT"resort to bottle-feeding at all.Also start taking care of your own diet ,and introduce about half an hour of stretching/exercise ,in your busy schedule. 4. Toddler- So now ,your little cutie pie ,is all on his feet ,and giving you a run around the house.This innocent looking creature of bygone days,has now turned into a real rascal or rather a demon,running and breaking the things all round the house.Also,you can't find time and the need to go to a gym,as you are running after him ,the whole day long,just to put a few morsels into his mouth. But thankfully,your eating and sleeping pattern have now stabilised a bit. 5. Childhood-And so now ,the time comes ,when your heart silently,cries out in pain ,when you leave your child at the school gate,for the first time.Alonwith the tears and cries from your child,there are tears in your own eyes,which you silently wipe off,lest he sees them. Valiantly you give him a bear hug and with a wave and kiss on his forehead,let him step out of the warm cocoon of your house,to make a place for himself in this world.Over a course of few months,you will get used to his new set routine,his constant rambling about his friends,his new games and fights.And now,perhaps,its time for you also ,to reconsider your decision to get back into your professional world once again.This is just the perfect time to strongly inculcate good habits and moral values in him,as this is the most receptive period of his life.Let him have a playful childhood with all the beautiful memories of your constant attention,love ,warmth and time for him. Encourage him to spend time with his grandparents and his siblings and cousins.Encourage him to eat clean and healthy and to have junk food ,just once or twice a week.Educate him to engage in reading good motivational stories of the great people all over the world.Let him step out into the sun and spend hours in a game of his or her choice,but to stay away from technology,internet and mobile as far as possible.Do not engage him in a lot of activities/tuition or hobby classed,all at the same time.But let him have a relaxed,stressfree and a playful childhood. Do remember at all times ,that a child learns fastest by observing u .So keep an eye on your own habits and values ,at all the times. 6.Teenage-Perhaps,the most dreaded time.Because,this is the period ,when your obedient child might get into constant arguments with you,find all your moves wrong and might even question your own hierarchy.Also he is stepping into the career building phase of his life ,with the constant lurking danger of all form of distractions,be it in the form of internet or new found puppy love or even the peer pressure. So now ,it's definitely the time for you,to take hold of your senses and to learn to be calm and patient with him.Learn to be polite ,but definitely firm ,if you find him treading on a wrong path.Try to adopt a friendly behaviour and reason out with him,in areas of conflict.Make him realise his own strengths ,energies and weaknesses and encourage him to bring out the best in himself,in this golden period of his life.This is definitely going to be a testing time for both of you,but try to sail through it with calm and patience,to further strengthen your bond ,as a parent and a child. And then finally,the adulthood ..your child is ready to step out and to make his mark in this world ,with all the values and beliefs instilled in him, by you,over the course of nurturing years.Teach him ,that it's far ,far more important to be a good human being ,than just being successful proffessionally.Inculcate in him the values and beliefs ,to make the world a better place to live in.Teach him to respect ,ALL the women,at ALL the points of time,inside and outside his own home. Do remember,that rather than the books or tv shows,a child always learns by observing you,and always tries to mimic his own parents.So ,BE A ROLE MODEL FOR YOUR OWN CHILD,one which he will be proud to emaluate and to look up to and let him be PROUD OF YOU.Learn to love him unconditionally.Do remember,that no matter what,you are going to be a parent to him ,for the rest of his life and your life. And finally,with your values and positivity instilled in him,through the years of "UNIQUE EXPERIENCE OF MOTHERHOOD",let him step out ,with a silent prayer on your lips,and do remember to "GIVE HIM WINGS TO FLY, AND ROOTS TO COME BACK TO YOU."

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