Watch Or Not To Watch

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Today children have a variety of programs to entertain them, from cartoons to educational ones, songs, movies, etc. But as a parent you need to put a tab on how much they watch and what they see. Screen time is not restricted just to the television, but with the introduction of mobile phones, tabs, laptops and computers, kids spend majority of their time in front of a screen. As a parent, you have a tough task ahead. Learn to limit and restrict screen time from the beginning, it becomes very difficult later on. Here are a few tips you can try:-

  • Set a time for watching TV. Allow your child to choose the time slot, maybe after school or before playtime.
  • Kids turn to a screen when they are bored or don't have anything to do. Engage them in games and other activities.
  • Kids tend to follow and copy what the parent is doing. If you're constantly with a gadget, you're setting a bad example.
  • Teach your kids to keep away from screens when you go out to a restaurant or any place where you need to wait.
  • Reward them when you see that they're adhering to the rules.

A child's mind is like a sponge, they absorb all that they see and hear. Exposure to varied content at a young age can have some harmful effects. Kids tend to use abusive language. They try to emulate what they see on-screen, which sometimes can be very fatal.

Draw boundaries and set limits on what your kids watch and how much time they spend in front of a screen. Instead play games that spark imagination and creativity. There are certain channels on television that air educational programs. These can be watched together as a family. In case your child wants to watch a particular movie or program, parental supervision is a must, especially with young kids.

With the type of content and images our kids are constantly bombarded with, it becomes difficult to control, but with a stern approach and cool level-headedness, it can be achieved.

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