Ways To Beat Postnatal Stress

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“Stress is not caused by problems. It is your attitude toward the problem that causes stress.”

There is nothing more happy feeling than to feel the first touch of your baby. Every woman feels like they are on cloud nine, the moment they hold their baby first time. But this little angel comes with big responsibilities as well for mothers. First thing would happen is the drastic change in your routine activities like not getting enough sleep, no proper time for having meals and of course hormonal changes in the body lead to increase in mental stress.

Most of the women go through this mental condition post pregnancy which changes their track from enjoyment to stressful routine. This is definitely not healthy for mother and baby as well. Though having such unavoidable situation, you can still have calm and peaceful mind.

Before approaching towards ways to cure stress, one must know the cause and effect of this disease on her health.

What is stress?

In normal condition, our mind releases 30-40 thoughts in a minute. When mind starts releasing 50-60 thoughts in a minute which might be because of fear, anxiety then it is termed as “Stressed Mind”. To be in a normal or relax state, mind should not generate more than 25 thoughts in a minute.

Effects of Stress on our health

Stress and strain of day-to-day life affect one's health. Apart from having direct influence on Mental and Social health, stress also influences one's physical health in several ways.

Psychological stress directly affects hypothalamus leading to fluctuations in pituitary hormones and which, in turn, affects all the endocrine glands. The hormonal disturbances affect target organs. If such imbalance continues after variable duration, the bodily organs which are genetically weak or otherwise affected become diseased. Thus, stress can generate a chain of reactions leading to organic disease. The disease, in turn, leads to anxiety, worries and pain and creates a vicious circle. Mental tension can cause several endocrine diseases like diabetes, Hyperthyroidism or Hypothyroidism, high and low blood pressure, etc. It is, therefore, necessary that one should be free from Stress in order that one may have good health.

Ways to reduce Stress

Psychologists believe that the correct method to manage stressful situation is to increase one's stress tolerance and to dilute the intensity of stress. This can be achieved by relaxation response and transforming one's attitudes towards the stressful events. Dr. David Fink, a neuro-psychiatrist of California writes in this connection: "Relaxation stops the emotions that prod the inter-brain and forebrain into misbehavior. Skill as well as good health depend upon relaxation" The pioneer in stress research, Dr. Hans Selye, gave importance to one's attitudes: "Rather than relying on drugs and other techniques, I think there is a better way to handle stress. Attitudes determine whether we perceive any experience as pleasant or unpleasant". By developing and improving one's spiritual health, the above benefits are naturally achieved.

A spiritually healthy person has understanding as well as awareness of self as a conscient, eternal and immortal soul, entirely different from the physical body. Meditation promotes mental peace, harmony and health. The state of mind also affects the body. Scientific experiments, conducted at New York, Melbourne, San Francisco, etc. reveal that physiological changes, which occur during meditation, promote health. A well known Psychiatrist Dr. Girish Patel said “Never go to the doctor for treatment of stress or depression because there is no medicine to cure stress or depression. Rather follow rules of Dr. ALI – “

A – Acceptance

L – Listen

I – Introspection

First step is Acceptance - It is very necessary for a person to accept the fact that she is having stress, which is very harmful to the body. Then only that person will start thinking for treatment and cure.

Second step is Listen – A person should listen to his mind and body. Our mind always gives indication like feeling low or irritated, not feeling to meet anybody, fear in public, not getting good sleep etc. which means now it’s time to change.

Third step is Introspection – Introspection of yourself. A person should take time for himself, sit silently and check what is going on inside his mind. Try to find the reason of stress, which helps to know where exactly you need to change.

So, take a first step and realize that the one and only solution to reduce stress is meditation. Meditation is not the thing to learn in couple of months course, but it is a journey of transformation of own attitude towards work, family and above all life. It is a technique where a person learns to control own thought process, and feed his own mind with positive and powerful thoughts in the presence of god. This will be the starting point of relaxing one’s mind and reducing stress.

This is advisable to all the new moms that while handling all your responsibilities of taking care of their infant, be ensured that you are taking care of your physical as well as mental health. Moms take care of their physical health by having nutritious food and those medicinal laddoos suggested by their mothers and grand mothers but to take care of your mental health, do take time out for meditation. Then you will fully enjoy your motherhood and moreover you will transfer your calm and peaceful vibrations to your baby as well.

Have a peaceful and joyful motherhood!!

Stuti Yadav

(mother and blogger)


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