What Should Govern My Career Choice

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Educational pursuits have got highly diversified in the last few decades; courtesy to the growing variegation in the socio-economic spectrum that has adopted newer service and product niches; which require new specialists and professionals! The students entering their middle classes, therefore, feel the discrepancies while making the decision regarding their career choice; especially when they enter their middle school where the career differentiations begins to emerge. The experts assert that the broad and common dilemma that students face regarding their career choice is whether they should choose a stream that matches with their likes or the one in which they perform better (or achieve good marks) or the one where seats are available at the higher academic level? Things get really complex for them; because these bases of decision making require in depth knowledge of the facts and processes!

Why attend to the student’s need at the crucial time of middle school?

From the perspective of a child psychologist or a career counselor, the confusion for the student develops because of certain reasons. They opine that a student in the age group 14 – 17 is generally ruled by his fancies rather than the rational thought. This is very natural because the student is passing through the teenage that has its own momentums and impulses! Fancies rule the mind and in most cases, the student is inspired by activity and thoughts that are least supported by the facts of practical domains. Proper assistance at the right time is, therefore, must for the student at this time.

A generic mix of proper counseling and knowledge sharing is the best option to decide!

Student’s generic affinities and likes for a particular career discipline should always be considered. Generally, this is also the subject/field in which he scores better because of his better learning! The experts explain that the student would definitely feel the appeal and inspiration through this career stream and would excel! The availability of seats is also important but it is only a secondary factor among many others.

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