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In India, We have several boards to choose from. As a parent, it is confusing many times and how to enroll and which board will be better for my child is a question always. Which board will help my kid to be a doctor, engineer, pilot or developer? SSC, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB & so many questions we as a parent have while choosing a school.

So focusing only on how it differs and which is suitable as per your conditions you may choose it from this analysis.


We all studied (Age group -30+) in SSC or CBSE board mostly, which were available for most Indian schools. Out of that, 70% in SSC and 30% in CBSE. Now from last 15years, the new curriculum has been introduced by many schools which are ICSE & IGCSE.


SSC board- Secondary School Certificate commonly known as SSC, is a public examination taken by students in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Goa in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, after successfully completing at least ten years of schooling. It is followed by Higher Secondary (School) Certificate (HSC). SSC is an equivalent to GCSE in England.

State Boards are comparatively limited in the content and subjects as compared to other boards. The syllabus is easier and hence less stressful for the students. These schools being state-centric are excellent for parents planning to stay in the same state for life. The State language is compulsory. As the concepts are generally lagging the kids have to be given external coaching if planning for IIT, CAT and other competitive exams. These schools are great for kids who are focused on extracurricular activities like sports etc.

CBSE board- The Central Board of Secondary Education follows the national curriculum and conducts two exams: the All India Secondary School Examination (Class X Board exams) and the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (Class XII Boards). The CBSE follows the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) framework and covers a network of Kendriya Vidyalayas (Central Schools) all over the country.

Parents who have switching jobs prefer this curriculum because it is being offered mainly from big brands and has a common curriculum so it's easier for kids to adjust.

As far as the content of curriculum-wise, it is Math's and Science focused. So it is preferred for all competitive exams like NEET (National Eligibility and Entrance Test), CET, CPT, JEE Mains (Previously conducted as AIEEE), AIPMT (All India Pre Medical Test) and many more.

CBSE board approves both, English & Hindi as a medium of instruction in class.


ICSE board- The ICSE is under the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination, whose roots go back to the Cambridge IGSCE which was present in the British Era. CISCE is recognized by a lot of foreign educational systems, and the ICSE certificates are accepted by most schools and colleges abroad. That way, it is beneficial for parents who have to move outside India for work.

It is a very vast curriculum combined and adapted from SSC and CBSE. It is accepted mostly worldwide if your kid is planning to go outside India for bachelors or 11th and 12th grade.

The syllabus is comprehensive and structured to provide more practical knowledge and helps to build analytical skills in students.

ICSE exercises only English as a medium of instruction in class and also emphasizes more on the subject of English.

ICSE syllabus and teaching makes a student fit for the corporate world. They tend to opt for management studies and be a good manager in the future with good leadership qualities.


IGCSE board-It is completely Cambridge board curriculum designed for students to excel in all-round development. Language base and confidence base is strengthened with analytical skills. It is more focused on leadership skills, communication skills & team building.

It supports reading habit and speech, pronunciations, language focused and improves in cognitive skills.

IB Board-
This board is excellent for kids whose parents are globetrotters as it enables kids to get admission into any IB school across the world. There are very few students in each batch, hence ensures quality focus on each child.

The syllabus is taught in most interesting and interactive way with the best of equipment.

The overall atmosphere in the school is international, with kids taking teachers as their equals. However, these schools can be extremely expensive!

What we have attempted here is to give a non-biased analysis of each school. However, each board has its own merits and demerits. The choice is up to you to decide which syllabus is most suited for your child. 


In the long run,

Sr No







Curriculum & Syllabus

English, Hindi, Regional language

Math's and Science Focused (English, Hindi, Regional language)

Skills, presentation, research-based (English)

Language, Communication, leadership skills, personality development


International recognition

Board is not but students do well in abroad as well.





Tuition centers -help availability






Extracurricular activities

Depend on School

Depends on School

Depends on School

Depends on School


Quality of teachers

Depends on School

Depends on School

Depends on School

Depends on School


Undergraduate admissions

Currently it is a no-brainer for this board to get an admit in any colleges.

The JEE and NEET are based on the CBSE curriculum but that alone is not sufficient to crack the exams. Extra help in the form of tuitions and coaching classes is required to clear the entrance exams.

It depends on the state. Currently, most of the students opt for 11th & 12th in their schools only and directly opt for degree/ diploma colleges. A situation may change in the next 5/7yrs.

It depends on the state. Currently, most of the students opt for 11th & 12th in their schools only and directly opt for degree/ diploma colleges. A situation may change in the next 5/7yrs.


Teacher : Student  ratio

Approx- 1:65

Approx - 1:50

Approx - 1:50

Approx - 1:30


This board'run, dents do very well in their business, entrepreneurial skills.

CBSE students do very well in their professional lives as they have great logical skills and excellent problem-solving abilities which will help them in all walks of their lives.

Analytical skills are very improved and help in going research, banking, investment, real estate fields.

More managerial roles, team building, MBA's, risk management, leadership roles etc.

Finally, it is a child who has extra talent and skills, the board is just a medium to learn or educate.


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