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As a student or parent or learner if you want to learn something or join some class, workshop or learn some new skill or invest to spend your spare time, what you eventually do?
*You ask friends and if it interests then you try to join the activity, only if the location, time, fees and other parameters suits you! 
You search online and get few classes/activity listings and try to call them for information like time, fees and location! At the end things might not according to your expectations, you keep calling other classes and then you lose interest and never end up doing what you like or love to do!
So the complete journey of enrollment is very boring, time taking and not experiential at all.

Here, Book My Activity helps you to make your enrollment journey interesting, practical and powerful, by way of providing the platter of real-time, rated, reviewed, verified learning or educational activities! These are the classes/activities you can search as per your interest, location and time. We showcase customized listings as per your preferences with “booking facility” right away to gain an instant gratification. Availing discounts, redeeming points and all of that jazz you can avail while with Book My Activity, just like online Shopping or booking Movie Tickets! Now first time in India has the perfect learning product for you with an e-commerce platform - Book My Activity! 

What you get to be on the platform

Learner's miles-

With every activity on the portal like, signup, follow, rating, booking, asking you get points which you can add to your account and redeem those while checkout.

Learner's membership-

With learners membership, you can avail discounts straightaway on your bookings / per transaction.

You can right away save on money and mainly time rather than going to the center, paying in cash or cheque or withdrawing money all of that stress is removed.

you get the facility to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually or per day as per the condition prescribed by the service provider.

You get an instant invoice, receipt everything plus the reminder before next payment is due.

Gifting an activity-

People spend so much on buying toys and plastic return gifts instead they can just add their return gift money to their invitees or simply give them an E-gift card and gift them an education.

Being subscribed to this website what learners get-

Part of the learning community, access to Newsletters, updates around the city, Educational video content, news.


To become a member of Book My Activity-


Android app-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bma

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