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We are living in a world of “Digital Boom”. Everything and anything is digitally present now-a-days. It has been almost a sine-qua-non for educators and trainers to have an online presence. In today’s world, having a positive digital footprint is also a must. A few years ago having an online presence just means having a website but now it encompasses several other prospects as well.

We are also well aware of how important a role does your online presence plays in the success of your business. While your website remains the key to your online presence, there are a lot of things that should accompany and support it like social media and online advertisements. The education industry has seen a major shift from off-line to online during the last few years.

Most of the people who want to search for some classes, activities, workshops etc. are doing the same on the internet. They are looking for ratings, reviews, photos, videos etc. Social media culture is also penetrating deeply into the education scenario.

The power of digital technologies enable the educators, trainers and activity partners to expand the way in which they teach, communicate, interact and research. Becoming internet-literate is a great way in giving your teaching and academics the much-needed push. Most of the educators and trainers have started building an online presence because they have realized the importance of the internet in building their brand. In a survey done by Babson survey research group and Pearson on 4,000 teaching faculty representing all disciplines of higher education in the USA, it was found that 64.4 percent of the teachers use social media for personal use while 33.8 percent use it for teaching.


WHY DIGITAL PRESENCE? The main reason for having an online presence is that it increases visibility and attracting people who are interested in availing their facilities. With so much competition in today’s world, it is very important that you grab the opportunity to build your unique brand at the earliest. Having a strong digital presence gives your business the much-required boost. Most of the people who want to take up classes or training for anything, look up online for the options available. So, if your business is registered on such a platform where students often land-up searching for services, it certainly gives you an edge.


HOW DIGITAL PRESENCE AFFECTS TEACHER-STUDENT RELATIONSHIP? 90% of the students are very active on social media and other digital networks now-a-days. There has been a lot of debate about the effects and ill-effects of this on the academic scene but instead of fighting a losing battle, as Digital technologies are not going anywhere, it is better to tap this opportunity for your business. It becomes extremely easier to communicate with your students and provide them with relevant information. It is also extremely convenient to do relevant research online. Many teachers also use these platforms to host debates and gather valuable feedback for their services. It also becomes effortless to provide support to the students in terms of their doubts, fears etc.


HOW BOOKMYACTIVITY CAN HELP EDUCATORS GROW THEIR DIGITAL PRESENCE? Bookmyactivity started in 2015 with a mission to make a paradigm shift in the learning curve of children. Often, students face major challenges in searching for the right educator and also when they themselves want to venture out in the world in order to learn some new skills. Bookmyactivity is a one-stop global “learning guide” solution. It helps individuals or groups to identify best matching educators, activity partners, and trainers for their learning needs. Such educators(individuals, tuitions, coaching center, sports club, studio etc.) are curated and rated by Bookmyactivity so that the users are able to make an informed decision. There is an option to book activities, classes, seminars, workshops, events or anything related to learning: online. Learners can also create their profile, add family members, fellow educators and find learning activity attended by their friends. We at Bookmyactivity give educators an opportunity to list their services on a certified platform and let students search them. It helps to increase their digital presence and capture just the right kind of audience needed for their business.


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