Why Productizing Your Service Is Important For To Scale And Grow Your Coaching Business?

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If you are a coaching institute owner, a service provider of events or the host of any workshop or Teacher trying to coach or teach to individuals in a group of 5-10 to 1,000-2,000 depending upon the format, popularity and how good you are at!

If you are an individual who is going to deliver the talk, speech or teach a lesson your time currency is limited for a day and so your income level is limited unless you increase the price of your session or course, which goes other way many times if you increase your price too much! So how can you earn more or have a scalable business model when the time is the currency for your business!

So here, time is the currency linked with your coaching skills which are your product/ service! Now how you deliver this which gives a scalable model or variables for your business to grow 1X to 100 X to 1000X!

For most of the activity owners, coaches, trainers where they require to have a physical presence their scalability is a barrier but whereas user is driven to learn by himself or herself by creating content, videos or online webinars or WhatsApp coaching then the sky is the limit for you! In that case being discoverable by maximum digital reach, having good online reviews and creating digital branding can give you big business!

So you need to chalk out the [Number of sessions per day x Fees for the session x Number of students]

Here only variable which we can see is NO OF STUDENTS OR ENROLLMENT! So let's focus on that and try to achieve as much as we can!

So how can you productize based on understanding of your content,

1.       Time

2.       Course Depth / Level

3.       Hours Required

4.       Fees

5.       Offline / Online

6.       Content

7.       Ratings/ Reviews

8.       Mainly-limit the offerings/ course variations

9.       Affiliations

10.   Teachers credibility

How you need to market or create sales-

1.       Being Discoverable-Google Map , Google Business listing

2.       Digital Marketing-Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin

3.       Recommendations and Influencer marketing-Ask some authority to influence your audience, testimonial videos or writings to share

4.       Referral Incentives -Coupon codes

5.       Corporate discounts

6.       listing on lead generation or booking platforms

How to focus while selling a course/ event bookings digitally

1.       Add proper keywords

2.       Write  good description

3.       location, fees shall be as per the customer segment.

4.       have good reviews, content and credibility in the city

5.       keep some social events at centers or online to create awareness and PR

Limitation in case of offline coaching / courses

1.       Infrastructure capacity

2.       Demand in local area

3.       Time Vs Enrollments

After understanding the scope and tasks to be done, it's always better to have your business presence on e-commerce platforms which will make your service presentable in product format , will provide you ratings, reviews, booking facility and eventually save lot of your personal or your team's time on repetitive counseling over phone with customers, admin costs for reminders and reschedules.

Book My Activity is an e-commerce platform which is focused on education and learning segment and here since last 3 years to help the educators to grow their business and be discoverable by learners!

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