Rent a Premise

Using your premise part time for your activity and want to reduce the burden of rent and earn extra revenue!

Rent it out to other Educators!

How can we help you?

We have a core segment of educators who are looking for a premise and educators who want to rent out their premise!


1. Send SMS & Email to city specific core audience

2. Lead Generation.

Other Services

1. Site Visit.

2. Agreement Drafting.

3. Finalizing the deal.


  • Many of you have batches or activities scheduled only for few hours a day or week ! This might be a challenge to match up the rent /EMI of the premise through the revenue of the activities ! We have created this feature to utilize the maximum potential!
  • You can publish your ad about renting a premise here and we will showcase your premise on educator login page plus we will email to all prospective class owners of that city!
  • This way you can maximize the potential!