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How It Works

  • Giving complete information about their business, location, and timing over the inquiry minimum 10-30 times a day!
  • Customer Engagement--adding broadcast list, emails, messages on various platforms, posts on social media
  • Attendee Management - every day in the class or at the event
  • Call Monitoring of staff with prospective clients and inquiries coming from Book My Activity.
  • Fees Collection-Accounting, managing the cash flow
  • Batch Scheduling
  • Conduct Webinars and build your attendees
  • Conduct events and build your attendees

Why digitally sell and market?

User behavior of approaching the educators is changing with rapid evolution and adaptation in internet technology and so, people are searching or looking for classes and activities which are best available, timely, rated, reviewed and mainly educators which are curated, verified and has credibility in the market so one can trust easily from across the globe from any corner.

Now one can not depend on the localized and traditional/ offline marketing. One has to grow with digital presence by affiliating through various platforms.

Digital engagement, marketing efforts gives you exact ROI on your investment and helps you understand the market behavior more easily and adapt the strategies required.

We believe in “Referral Marketing” and that really works! “Ratings and Reviews by consumers” about your institutes and “Third-party evaluation” or recommendation on basic parameters will change the scenario on how it will work out for your business to grow in near future through digital presence.

Educators will mainly receive following services from us once they are subscribed with us!

  • Admin Management through Dashboard access (BMA educator app)
  • Marketing/ PR -through web presence and digital marketing (advertising, website blog, social media brand presence, keyword analysis)
  • Sales / Enrollments through popularity, sharing on social media, monetizing on various platforms (skills of SEO and boosting)
  • Enabling offline business to online business (webinar facility)
  • Calling service for customised workshops and events for invites and enrollments.
  • "BMA Rating" a third party evaluation on your profile and "on home page curation section" presence.

How we can help you?

How BMA rating can help you in growing your business?

Now a days, people when they are finding you on the web always looking for third-party evaluation or ratings and reviews on your profile or recommendation by someone. Everyone is looking for a trusted solution to opt for. We are the catalysts between consumer and educator to enable this for consumers and it helps them in processing their decision making!

For e.g- you always book a hotel with trip advisor ratings & reviews only when there is "non-branded service" segment is involved. Whereas you do not need ratings for "flight booking" because very few players are there to differentiate and the system is organized.

So far, after noticing your profile with our stamp of BMA rating is creating a credibility in the market for trusting something online by consumers! Of course, friends and relatives are major influencers for decision-making process but when it comes to the online solution you need a third party evaluation and that is where we are helping all the consumers by evaluating educators on basic minimum standards.

All the platforms which we have are differentiating between various facilities which educator require for operations which are mainly under these heads.

Own independent websites | Listings | Events | Digital Payment | Customer engagement | Attendee Management | Employee/Staff Managment | Franchisee center / Branch management

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