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Write Attitude

Write Attitude

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3.3/5 - BMA Rating

Handwriting Analysis, Graphotherapy, Signature, Handwriting improvement for kids, conducting seminars in the India and Internationally also.

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  • Nitin Shinde

    Nitin Shinde

    We always think of knowing our strengths and weaknesses.Though there are many personality assessment tools available, most of them rely on the understanding and perception of the person, which at times cannot be accurate.There we have this science called Graphology or Handwriting Analysis which gives us access to all our personality traits and makes us aware of all that has been hidden in our subconscious mind right from our childhood.So if you think what my purpose of life is, or what am I good at, or how deep my emotions are, or why am I not successful, or how can I earn through this science.The answers to all these and many more can be effectively answered through the science of *Graphology*

  • Pooja Saran

    Pooja Saran

    Nitin Shinde of Write Attitude actually has the perfect attitude to handle it all for you. He has amazing expertise knowlegde about tje subject. His Handwriting Analysis gives you that AHA moment...sometimes it seems he knows you better than urself. I have personally witnessed transformations under his guidance.

  • Sharwaree Joshi

    Sharwaree Joshi

    I have been knowing Nitin Shinde since long time now. He is the most sincere and reliable person i have ever known. His Write Attitude is so apt to explain the Right Attitude towards life, his analysis is really very accurate, and precise. We always wish a person frm god who knows our Flaw's and strenght without we telling it to him... So he is that Angel!!

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