Business Name : Techphiles

Why teach kids to code Kids these days are inherently attracted to technology. Be it mobiles, tablets, latest apps, games, etc. You say it and they grasp it. However when you compare that to the curriculum taught in schools, its mainly teaching them to use keyboard, mouse or applications like Paint, Excel, etc. For kids these days, this is ancient knowledge, they don't have to really work hard to develop these skills. Instead, we can use this early age of 6-12 years, where kids are not bound with a stressful subject study to really understand how to converse with technology. Instead of just passively using apps, games etc. without gett... View More


Business Name : MATHS ACCORD

I used to help my elder son in his maths study , and also updated my knowledge while going through his books . One day one of my friends , who was scared of maths , suggested me to help her daughter also in maths. She started coming to me and her confidence of doing maths (and not avoiding it ) rose gradually . Similarly I was also experiencing a better confidence of teaching maths . Meanwhile I came across many parents especially of the 5th - 10th graders who were themselves afraid of the subject "MATHS". This fear was usually seen in their kids too. So I gave a thought on how to remove this "MATHS PHOBIA" Whenever I have new students in ... View More

Rahul Music Academy

Business Name : Rahul Music Academy

1) Tell us about yourself? I started my musical journey at the age of four, My Father was also a musician and i started my learning from him.Then I was put under a local music teacher. This slowly graduated to a more formal training at a music institute nearby gradually I discovered my true love for music.I gave a exam of Sangeet Visharath when i was 16 years old.It was nurtured at Furtados School of Music, Mumbai where i learned Western Music. 2) Would you like to tell us briefly about your business? I started teaching Music in International Schools. Then i started my own Venture of Music School at 2011 with only 2 students.Now it ... View More